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Aircraft Ownership / Joint-Ownership Support


    Aircraft Evaluation, Acquisition & Import Assistance
    With years of in-house experience selecting, buying, delivering and importing private aircrafts, WOA advisors assists all Club WOA members by reliving their stress of aircraft selection, acquisition and put into operation their aircraft in Asia.


    Costs of Aircraft vs Car Ownership in Singapore:


     Aircraft  Type

    (Piper Archer, Diamond DA40, Cirrus SR20)


    Car Type

    (Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series. Lexus LS)


     Upfront Purchase Cost


     USD380k onwards


     USD320k to USD420k




    225kmh to 278kmh
    (no speed limit, Singapore-Kuala Lumpur 1hr 45mins)


    (highway max 90kmh-120kmh, Singapore-Kuala Lumpur 3hr 45mins)


     Fuel Consumption


     16 liter / 100km
    (Avgas USD2.20/liter, JetA1 USD0.80/liter


    15-18 liter / 100km
    (Petrol USD2.00/liter)


     Scheduled Maintenance


     USD6k-8k a year


    USD2k a year




     USD1k per month


     USD120-320 per month


     Insurance (depend on experience)






     Misc Expenses


     Air Navigation Fee
    (e.g. Malaysia USD6.50 per 100km)

     COE Renewal, Annual Road Tax, ERP/Tolls


     Typical Residual Value after 10 years (% of Purchase Price)







    Estimated direct flight range of typical general aviation light aircraft:

    Note: Non-precise without reserve fuel planning, illustration purpose only, not to be used for flight planning, in order of shortest to longest direct range.
    Red line : Single-engine piston (e.g. Piper PA28, Diamond DA40)

    Light blue line : Twin-engine with JetA1 fueled engine (e.g. Diamond DA42, KingAir)
    Magenta line : Light Jet (e.g. Hondajet, Phenom 100)
    Dark blue line : Fast Turboprop (e.g. Piper M600, Daher TBM, Pilatus PC12)

    Aircraft Tender Loving Care - Storage, Maintenance & Grooming
    As a Club WOA member, you get preferential allocation of aircraft storage (hangar and outdoor) space and priority service and in-house maintenance support from our licensed aircraft service advisors.
    We treat members' aircraft as our own and provide tender loving care for all your aircraft's grooming and aesthetic needs.