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Safety Commitment

  • ClubWOA promotes and upholds with no compromise, an environment where enjoyment and luxury never ever plays second fiddle to safety.

    Our services are backed by a team of experienced aviation professionals who performs operational duties with the appropriate licenses, under the close scrutiny of international regulatory bodies and regularly audited airport/flight services process.

        •    In-flight operations are conducted by instructor/mentor pilots with worldwide flight experience
        •    Flight support are supported by a team who also professional supporting business jet flight operations
        •    Ground handling operations are conducted by licensed and trained personnel in handling of ground support equipment and aircraft
        •    ClubWOA operations are supporting by WOA full-time team that are subject-matter-experts in each of their roles. The team is put through yearly re-currency and on-the-job training to ensure we perform at the highest service and safety standards required by international bodies.

        •    Flight operations are conducted under proper FAA (or equivalent/relevant authority) regulatory codes & guidelines
        •    Ground operations are officially licensed and audited annually by Changi Airport Group
        •    Fixed-based Operations in Seletar (FBO) are audited and accredited by International Standards body (IS-BAH)
        •    Security in all Club WOA facilities and operations are annually audited by Airport Police Department and USA Transport Security Administration (TSA)
        •    All hangar and flight line operations are insured with combined third-party liability insurance of at least $100 million.

        •    Club WOA only uses modern aircraft where their air-frame, engine and avionics has been carefully inspected by qualified engineers and air-crew to be air-worthy and safe
        •    All aircraft and avionics used by Club WOA have been tested and flown by WOA ourselves