Who is WingsOverAsia (WOA)?

WingsOverAsia Pte Ltd (WOA) is Asia's first private aviation social network platform and Southeast Asia-based provider of worldwide flight support, FBO (fixed-based operator) services, aviation lifestyle services, and aircraft sales and support services for private and business aviation.

WingsOverAsia (WOA) is reputed to have a hardworking and dynamic team with well-rounded work-life experiences. We employ a grassroots approach to service, execute our operations and projects with enterprise-like processes and professional mindset to provide customer-centric aviation services for long term sustainability. Every individual in our team is specially selected to possess not only the necessary professional skill-set; but also a genuine desire to contribute to general aviation coupled with a well-liked and amicable personality proven via social interactions within the WOA fraternity.

Our Vision & Mission

We are passionate about pursuing our dreams to share a fun and fulfilling aviation lifestyle; our vision is to:

1) Foster a cohesive and collaborative General Aviation community via providing a vibrant social network with support services that cater to the needs of aircraft owners, private aviators and enthusiasts.

2) Develop and provide innovative products and services that speaks to the lifestyle and operational needs of aircraft owners and private aviation pilots Asia-wide

3) Contribute to public benefit flying such as (a) humanitarian efforts (b) environment sustainance efforts, via leveraging on both our internal and community network of private aviation resources