Aircraft available : (see above) Diamond DA40, Cirrus SR22, Robin 2160, Socata TB9

Aircraft-Share Scheme (self-flown or with flight instructor)

Flying is when the union of art and science evolves into an enchanting experience most intimate to your senses.

You do not need to own a plane to take to the skies. We offer a distinctive lease-share scheme exclusively within our ClubWOA community with a modern fleet of aircraft professionally managed by WingsOverAsia. Our in-house certified flight instructors will assist in aircraft type conversion and familiarization training to the aircraft of your desire

Features of the Scheme

  • Cost-effective and Flexible
  • Professional support
  • No maintenance hassle
  • Online booking of aircraft
  • Prices include fuel and airfield transportation (0900hr to 1800hr local-time excluding PH)

Private Circle Members' ONLY Private Air Limousine (Privately flown, Professionally crewed)

Need to get somewhere fast and cost effectively, go whenever you want, go comfortably, safely and luxuriously?

As a ClubWOA Private Circle member, we will fly you there! It's that simple!

*Note: All flights between ClubWOA Private Circle members are private, non-revenue flights on cost recovery basis. For aircraft charters/lease, ClubWOA acts as an agent for/between ClubWOA members and is not an operator of the program aircraft; licensed air operator certificate holders in the program exercise full operational control of the program aircraft.